Bad Rodach


Thermal spa - BAD RODACH: lovely and private

Enjoy your visit in a natural, informal and friendly atmosphere. Helpful employees take care of you and your health. See the singing bath attendant perform while you stay at the spa! The Kneippbaths are both animating and funny.

Modern and comfortable

This modern and comfortable resort will be the center of your vacation at BAD RODACH. The ticket prices are reasonable. A stay at the Thermal spa improves the body circulation, the water gymnastics have a splendid effect on relaxation!
Completely equipped apartment accomodations and hotels are nearby. All facilities can be reached by public parking lots are spacious and free.

Thermal History

Since ancient times hot springs were already famous for their healing power. Thermal spring 1 in Rodach has been active since 1972, providing healing waters from 652 meters below.
Thermal spring 2 has been operational provistin water from 1997 (1000 meters below). Its waters contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium.

The Thermal spa is open all year long!
The perfect remedy for joints, spine and muscular deficiency problems.


  • Spa treatments
  • Stationary treatments at a clinic for recovery, orthopaedics, neurology and gynecology

Visiting a thermal spa means having a healthy vacation in a cultivated environment as well as entertainment and fun. We do care for your health!

Healing and recovery

Your health can be further improved by easy body training, relaxation techniques and walking.


  • medical supervision
  • thermal baths (32°-34° celsius)
  • exercices in thermal baths (26°-28° celsius)
  • mud baths
  • massages of all kinds (including underwater)
  • energy treatments
  • hot air
  • gymnastics
  • warm stream therapy
  • kneipp-treatments and water gymnastics


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