Bad Rodach


Welcome in Bad Rodach

Visitors are greeted by a lovely countryside and a charming 1,100 year old historical town in the middle of Germany. Here – where nature is still genuine, the air is clean and thermal springs appear to be the gift of mother earth – guests will find a right place to strengthen health, body and mind throughout their stay.

Historical BAD RODACH

In 1999 BAD RODACH will celebrate its 1,100th birthday! After its founding in 899 the town experienced centuries full of changes. The romantic historic quarter, the castle and the wall, the church and the city center buildings are still witnesses of wealthy times.
Tradition is present during the performance of the night watchman (“Nachtwächter”) everyWednesday evening and the “Fränkische Weihnacht” (Christmas ceremony) attracts thousands of visitors each Christmas season.
As a formerly quiet bordertown between Bavaria and Thuringia, BAD RODACH developed into a living cultural center!

Sightseeing from Coburg to Thueringen

There are numerous sights waiting for you! Whatever your decisions may be visiting museums, churches or monuments, workshops, or just hiking through the picturesque countryside.
The visit is definitely worthwhile. On your way back through history don’t forget to visit the impressive
castle of Coburg (“Veste Coburg”) and the location where the world famous “Hummel” figurines are manufactured!


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